Summer Goals – Progress June 7

May 8th, almost a month ago, I outlined my goals for the summer. I want to write an update to evaluate where I am.

From May 8th post:

  • Keep Sunday as a study day (like Ben Franklin)
  • Read at least 1 book per week
  • Try some woodworking projects
  • Run the memorial mile on 5/28
  • Squat 500 lbs without a belt, Deadlift 500, Bench 400
  • Monitor my asthma daily, try to find triggers and experiment with alternative cures
  • Brew Kombucha, hard cider, possibly beer
  • Establish a sourdough starter and regularly make bread
  • Bowl 205+

I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping Sunday as my study day. More discipline and topic focus could add to it.

I have barely read at all – time to change that

Built an aquaponics grow bed, which was the biggest carpentry project I’ve ever worked on. I’d like to build a chair or table for fun next.

Memorial Mile: 6:53 PR

Maxes to date: Squat 455, Deadlift 425, Bench 335×2

Haven’t been monitoring asthma

None so far

Tried to make sourdough, but let it sit out too long and mold grew

Bowled a 204, have only gone twice so far.


I’m going to keep striving for these goals. Read more, keep getting stronger and running more.



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2 responses to “Summer Goals – Progress June 7

  1. 335 x2… Step it up Alex, c’mon. In all seriousness, I like what you are doing here. Keep me posted on Flannel Farm developments.

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