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How Youngstown can fix 5 huge problems with 1 small change

Flannel Farms set up at the B&O Station Night Market. Youngstown, Ohio July 2012

Small change, but it will require a lot of work. Those of us who live in the Youngstown area can do some incredible things if we start eating local food.

What if we could:

  • Create new local jobs
  • Turn acres of urban land into beautiful edible green space
  • Improve nutrition and health
  • Build a stronger community
  • Boost our local biodiversity

A 2010 study by NEOfoodweb suggests NE Ohio can:

  • Create 27,664 jobs
  • Increase regional output by $4.2 billion annually
  • Expand state and local tax revenue by $126 million annually

This would put 1 in 8 unemployed residents back to work. All we have to do is buy local food. Not all of our food. Not even half. If we purchased just 25% of our food from local sources, Northeast Ohio could create almost 30,000 jobs! That’s less than 1 meal a day. Imagine what we can do if we surpass that figure!



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