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Economies Of Scale As A Service


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Youngstown SOUP

(This idea is not original in any way, but the best ideas are borrowed and built upon anyway)


Its called Detroit SOUP. I first heard about this idea from friends from Detroit. There is a monthly get together where people pay $5 for a bowl of soup, bread, salad, and a vote. The vote is for the best creative community project pitched that night. The project that receives the most votes gets the profits from the event for seed money.

Big Time Benefits of SOUP Event

1. Community. The event brings people from all walks of life together around a common cause.

2. Culture. SOUP promotes a culture of community activism, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

3. Local Investment. A simple $5 meal could help start projects in our own backyards. It starts a dialogue of local economy.


Who wants to work on Youngstown SOUP beginning Summer 2013?

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