Why the Future of Advertising is Here

Gary Vaynerchuk is launching a his third book in November, his book promotion is on the cutting edge of advertising. Building relationships is the center of Gary’s ideas on business. He has said in the past that instead of passive advertising like billboards and broadcast, which is difficult to measure impact, advertising is evolving and dissolving these mediums.

Nike for example, instead of spending money paying for TV commercials and magazine ads, they’ll use the money to give free products to customers. I know, it sounds crazy, but lifetime value is what matters. The context of the relationship to the brand is the most important thing in today’s world where huge corporations interact directly with customers online.

What if Nike read through a local newspaper and saw recent births, they look up the parents on Facebook or Twitter and see that the new parents both run marathons. Again, think context of the relationship. Nike could send a pair of toddler running shoes with a note saying “Running runs in the family” or something else cheesy that would be on a Nike t-shirt.

They would tell everyone in their running club what Nike sent them and everyone would feel a little more connected to the brand, humanizing the huge company. The cost of this hyper-personalized advertising is a few minutes of research and the few dollars (if that) it costs to make a pair of toddler shoes. Compare this to endorsements of TV commercials.

So what is Gary doing to promote his new book? Everyone once in a while, he tweets out “Good morning everyone – need anything?”

Someone he has never met responds “@garyvee eggs, I’m out of eggs.”

After an exchange to get the address, twenty dozen eggs show up an hour later. TWENTY DOZEN EGGS. He took the eggs he needed, then gave the rest to his neighboring apartment dwellers. Read about this here on Medium.

I guarantee that guy will buy Gary’s next book. Probably a few to give to his family and friends too.

Social media has given us the power to connect to customers on another level, to truly engage with their interests. Do you think this will displace traditional advertising?


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