Ever wonder where Mill Creek originates?

So did I, after a long walk around the flats today, my friends were talking about the source of MIll Creek that forms Lake Newport, Lake Glacier, and Lake Cohasset in Youngstown, Ohio. Luckily, I have a copy of The Green Cathedral by Dr. John Melnick at home.

The spring sits on a farm two miles south of Columbiana, I’m having a hard time finding the exact location, But I’ll have to go down an check out the area.

Map of general area

Page 311, The Green Cathedral:In 1890, Volney rode on horseback from the mouth of Mill Creek where it joins the Mahoning River, near the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Mahoning Avenues, to Lanterman’s Falls. It was not until about 1904 that Volney made the quest for the headwaters. In his hightop boots, one winter’s day, in a deep snow, he sought the source by going upstream from its mouth to an area in Columbiana County, but he was unsuccessful. About 1921, John H. Chase and his daughter, Catherine, in a series of long walks covering a similar territory, were also unsuccessful. In 1933, Mr. Chase and Paul Kuegle made another attempt at finding the Creek’s source and were probably withing spitting distance of attempt, Mr. Chase, along with Bruce Rogers, again tried. They visited a pool just west of the Centralized School as a possible head, but were not satisfied with their findings. They then made a two day methodical search, resulting in the discovery of the spring on the farm of Mr. William N. Cope in Columbiana County. It rises along a ridge two and one-half miles south of Columbiana, Ohio, and flows northward seventeen and one-half miles (air-line) to its mouth at the Mahoning River.


“The source of the Mill Creek, known as the Mill Creek Spring, is located on Headwaters Farm. It is on Kelly Park Road, formerly known as Hatcher Road. The farm was originally  owned by William Cope, then by H.H. Pierson and presently by Paul Bruin.”

“The spring is no longer out-of-doors but is now enclosed inside. An underground pipe carries the water outside to the world.”


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