2014 Goals and Challenges

I’ve never made New Years resolutions before, but this year felt different. I’m out of school now and I’ve been searching to get into a good routine. So a large part of what I want to accomplish in the next 365 days is develop habits for the rest of my life.

Main Goal for 2014

Develop a consistent morning ritual. Right now that is wake up at 5:30, body weight workout with a few kettlebell exercises, make coffee, and spend 30 minutes on personal development.

This is a modified version of Cory Gregory’s Up Early to Train, with my real workout coming later in the day. I find that I have my best workouts in the mid afternoon.

Athletic Goals

  • Bench 450
  • Deadlift 600
  • Squat 565
  • Run a sub 6:00 mile
  • Run 10 miles without stopping

To make the year a lot more interesting, and to work on my weak self discipline, I’m participating in 12 monthly challenges for 2014.h/t to reecepacheco.com for this idea. I really like the idea of doing something new each month of the year.

  • January: Whole 30, a strict diet with no sugar, alcohol, grain, dairy, or legumes
  • February: Write a handwritten letter to a friend or relative each day
  • March: Meditate for 15 minutes each day
  • April: Eat Vegan
  • May: Draw or Paint Everyday
  • June:Write 1000 words per day
  • July:Study astronomy everyday
  • August: Read 1 hour per day
  • September:
  • October:
  • November:
  • December:

I need some more time to think of the last 4 months, and I may rearrange some of the other months. I’m really excited for this great year.

Thank you so much for caring about me enough to read my blog. If I can help you in any way, email me alex @ flannelfarms.com

Have a great 2014!



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2 responses to “2014 Goals and Challenges

  1. Kelsey

    Love the monthly goals. I’d have a hard time with Whole30, but I think that handwritten notes and drawing/painting is awesome!

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