Alex Lipinsky

I am 2013 graduate of Brown University where I majored in Urban Studies. My interests in urban issues has led to my current project of Flannel Farms, LLC. The goal is to become a profitable urban farm in Youngstown, Ohio. Currently Flannel Farms is using some land in the suburbs growing vegetables as well as an acre on the South side of Youngstown on Ridge Ave.

I’m an avid weightlifter and love eat, cook, and talk about food.

Looking for other young people to start cool projects in Youngstown.

6 responses to “Alex Lipinsky

  1. Hi Alex,
    We want to see you in your flannel work clothes with your logo!
    Aunt E & Steve

  2. Thomas Clingan

    Great project, Alex. Hope to see your results the next time we are in the Youngstown area, possibly this summer.
    Concerning Rugby, our son John also played on the Brown University Rugby Football Club for a while. As a result of his interest, when we were in London recently, we attended a professional rugby match between the London Welsh and The Harlequins. Fabulous game!
    Keep up the good work!
    Tom Clingan

    • Hey Tom, Thanks for the comment!

      Rugby has been great so far, I joined right when the team started a nice win streak. Its been a fun two seasons and we’re hoping to make the playoffs this spring. Whenever you’re in the Youngstown area, you need to come check out the projects I’ve got going on. I’m really excited to get everything going.

      Hope to see you soon!

  3. Nice to meet you Alex. Great project you’ve got going on here!

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